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After arriving in Bagan at 4am and deciding to team up with a British couple to share a taxi. I was highly agitated. These two wasted 30 minutes arguing with the driver over 2000 kyats ($1.60), then the archeological department over the entrance fee for 30 minutes. It’s 25,000 kyats or $22 dollars. She’s yelling that her guide book says $20, so it’s $20! I paid 25,000 Kyats ($19.50) so I didn’t care. She only had dollars and is yelling about the exchange rate. Wanting his name and for them to call the police because she wasn’t paying it! This woman had wasted an hour of my life over $5.50!!! What does she make an hour back home? Is there a value to her time?

I took a shower and rented an ebike (like a scooter but runs off a battery). I headed in the wrong direction and realized 10 minutes in that I hadn’t seen another tourist and everyone was riding the other way! So I turned around and stopped for breakfast. I sat with a British man who had the insides of a book cut out to hide his kindle in. Dude! No one wants to steal a useless kindle! It’s not an iPad!

After breakfast I headed out to the temples! A young Burmese man wanted to show me around. He talked about being an artist the whole time. I was curious where this was going so I followed him to a temple on my ebike. He took me to the rooftop of a temple with an amazing view. Then he wanted to sell me his paintings. The same paintings everyone is selling, everywhere! I tell him I’m broke and can’t help him out. I then head off to another temple where out of spite I purchase a painting from a lady for 6000 kyats. At least she wasn’t trying to con me!

I spent the day riding around muddy back trails looking at little temples. I then had lunch and did some shopping. The heat was starting to get to me so I went back and took a nap before the sunset cruise I had booked. After checking in and dropping off my laundry it was time to leave. So no nap for me.

We then walked down to the river where we got on boats for our sunset cruise. We literally went 200 yards anchored, drank until the alcohol was gone and went back. It was a nice night out. A cruise it was not!

After getting back to the hostel and getting dinner with a very big British guy, I joined a team to play Trivia. My team refused to cheat so we got dead last. But it was fun and we got a free shot of lemonchello and some spicy spaghetti.

I was then ready to go to bed. I woke up at 4am because a roommate was packing to leave. Only to find this other crazy lady from Italy had turned off the ac. She was all bundled up like we were in Iceland. So I crank that sucker up and got back in bed. She walks over as I am now sleeping with the remote and asks to turn it down as she is cold. I tell her no to put on layers and go back to sleep. She was a nut! It’s like 90 degrees here and humid. She literally went out for the day in long pants, a long sleeve shirt and a jumper around her neck for in case she got cold! My British roommate and I nearly died from laughter. Needless to say she switched rooms.

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