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I decided to take a down day in Nyuangshwe. I went to J7 hair salon and for 5000 kyats ($4), I got my hair washed and a full body massage. It was amazing. The shampoo sink is attached to the massage table. This little Burmese woman washes my hair twice while massaging my head. She then conditioned my hair. Afterwards she gave my a very firm message and stretching. If I lived here I would get this done once a week!

I then went to lunch with Mia, from Switzerland. We went to my favorite local tea house. I love the woman who owns it! I just want to take her home with me. She had such attention to detail creating a wonderful atmosphere. It was super popular with the locals and I was glad that the foreigners hadn’t found it yet.

After lunch I just hung out in the hostel. Relaxing and chatting away until they flooded the downstairs and asked us to go to the non air conditioned rooftop. A group just left on bikes for the winery. So I decided to walk and flag down some tourists in a songthaw to hitch a ride. The driver insisted I pay 4000 kyats for a round trip ride. Whatever. It was better than biking or walking in the heat.

At the winery I sat with these two blond perfect looking twin girls from Australia. They literally said everything in unison, it was creepy. I had a couple of glasses of wine then headed back to catch my ride to my overnight bus going to Bagan.

I literally got the worst seat on the bus. When I went to complain the rude lady said I could have my money back and not go to Bagan. I looked her in the eye and said Karma. Remember me, when you get hit by a bike tomorrow it will because of how you just talked to me. And I turned around and got on the bus. The other people who worked for the bus company were extremely nice as no one wanted me to curse them too. Having green witch eyes comes in handy some time. Especially in South East Asia where everyone is superstitious.

Here are some things you should know if you ever take an overnight bus. Dress for the dead of winter because these busses blast the ac like they are preserving food. Drug yourself because it is the bumpiest roads you have ever driven on. Bring earplugs because they literally honk at everything! Everything! It’s 2:30am we are the only vehicle on the road. Honking at dogs, honking at cars parked along the road, honking at every empty intersection. Honestly if I knew which wire was the horn I would have cut it when the driver used the bathroom. Be the first off at bathroom stops so you are the first back on so you don’t get left behind. Arrange a taxi pick up for when you arrive at 4am half asleep and don’t have the energy to negotiate prices.

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