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On travel days I like to sleep in, have breakfast and enjoy laying in my air conditioned bed. Then I pack and make travel arrangements. This pick up truck then picks me up and I sit on a bench in the back all alone. We then drive all over earth for an hour picking up random people to go to the bus stop. At the bus stop we hurdle over puddles to get on our mini bus. I was told that it was a direct bus to Mandalay, non stop. We only made 27 stops. So non stop in Burmese means frequent stops. I made friends with a Burmese girl who spoke zero English. I added myself to her Facebook and we spent a good hour Facebook stalking each other right next to each other. She just got married and was on her honeymoon. We still message each other.

Then there was 3 little old ladies that had 7 huge baskets of mushrooms that they were guarding with their lives. They were beautiful and delicate. This man almost squashed one and I pushed his arm away quickly. So these ladies and I became instant friends. I wanted to buy all her mushrooms so they could make the three hour trip back home and not have to sell them at the market. But I couldn’t figure out what I would do with 300 pounds of mushrooms. So I just helped them carry them off the bus and sadly said goodbye.

There is a guy who keeps leaning his butt against my foot. While he spits his bitter nut out the door! It is a mud road we have taken so far. I guess there isn’t a freeway that goes there. This country has no paved roads but the government has decided to put in a 4 lane expressway in Naypyidaw. The ghost town capital. Most road workers are female as it is cheaper to pay them a day then men. They seem to be trying to lay rock down to create a road as this country has now been flung into the 21st century quite rapidly the past 2 years.

I finally arrive at my hostel. I check in and head out to the palace wall. It is a beautiful sunset and I meet a nice young man from Korea who invites me to dinner with him, two Polish Guys and two girls from Germany. I picked the place. Number two on trip advisor and it is amazing. For $5 I had a huge spread of food and air conditioning. I really enjoyed the Polish guy sitting next to me. He is an Economist and was the only European I met who was for Trump. Or at least understood why he would be voted in as President. After dinner I walk back to my hostel to get a good nights rest.

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