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I tried to book a direct flight to Laos from Chiangmai but due to the festival all flights were booked. So I booked a flight from Chiangmai to Udan Tani with transport to Vientiane. This is all included from the airline. So I show up at the airport 2 and a half hours before my flight. Only to have them look at me like I was crazy. Apparently there wasn’t a flight. It was cancelled or never really there. So there I stood for an hour while they tried to figure out what to do with me. Thankfully I had printed out my confirmation because they literally had no trace of me.

They finally decided to fly me to Bangkok then to Udan Tani where I will be transported by coach to the boarder. Then from the boarder to Vientiane. It sorta worked out that way. I was put on a minivan from the Airport to the boarder with no foreigners or airline employee. Where I am now Facebook friends with a motorbike rental guy from Luang Prabang. It was pretty simple leaving Thailand. The lady was on the phone and just basically waved me through. Then I had to pay 15 baht to get from one boarder to the next. Then I had to pay 5 baht for a metro looking card. Then I stood in line forever only to be told I didn’t fill out an entry card. So I went and filled out the card. I’d be damned if I was going to stand in the line again. So I marched to the front and went after the person currently at the window. The immigration guy looked surprised to see me back so soon but didn’t question it.

Then there was a guy with a sign saying the Airlines name so I checked in with him. He told me we had to wait for 2 people who obviously they were tracking as only their 2 names were on the page and they had stickers on saying the Airlines name. I went a purchased a SIM card while we waited for them. Then the mini van took these two idiot French assholes to their hotel first even though we passed mine first. They were huge jerks and I let them know I couldn’t stand them. On their way out of the van they asked where I was from when I said California, they replied we thought so. Hopefully the French understand the middle finger because that’s what they got! I hope they fall into the Mekong River never to be found again.

The driver then passed my hotel, so by the time he finally pulled over he refused to turn around and made me walk. It has been an eleven hour travel day at this point. I decided to upgrade to a private room with a bathroom. Apparently you have to plug your phone into the outlet in the bedroom to make the lights in the bathroom turn on! My room is on the third floor but literally sounds like I’m sleeping on the busy street below.

I then head out to the ATM that rejects me. So I find another ATM that works. Thank God!!! Then I go to see this travel agent about my transit to the next destination. Where I met two lovely Jehovah Witnesses from Seattle who wanted to share God’s good word with me. And did I want the Watch Tower in Thai? Seriously?!? The travel agent was crazy expensive but is now converting to Jehovah Witness, so I left.

I walked to the night market and enjoyed my favorite hobby, shopping!!! I took a nice walk through the park on my way. It was a beautiful night along the Mekong River. People were out running and exercising. They were doing Zumba in the park and playing badminton. Then I went to Cafe Amazon where I met the two most awesome Laotian guys. We chatted about everything and became Facebook Friends promising to keep in touch! I adored them both! I think they were gay but I’m not too sure. They are both very well travelled and educated!

I then walked back to my room where I enjoyed the air conditioning in my private room!

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