28 Hours in Berlin

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After arriving at 2200 we took the TXL bus to our Hostel. It was super easy, affordable and dropped us off practically at the front door! We stayed right next to Alexanderplatz and the TV Tower. What once was Eastern Germany.

We checked in and my credit card had a fraudulent charge so the company closed my card and reissued me a new one. Fabulous since I’m out of the country!! So I spent an hour on the phone with the company. Thankfully I always bring back up cards! No, rewards but I’m not stranded.

Our room slept 8 people. Us, 2 guys, and some crazy creepy woman. Who Sierra ended up accusing of stealing her charger and who also decided on the second night to sleep in Skyler’s bed!!!

How we spent our one day in Berlin:

7:00am Breakfast and purchased group Transportation Day Ticket €19.90 for 5 people.

8:30am Visited the Dome on top of the Reichstag Building. You must prebook this months in advanced. Free and wonderful!!!

9:30am Walked to Brandenburg Gate. Then to the Holocaust Memorial.

10:00am Walked to Potsdamer Platz. Then we walked to Topography of Terror Museum.

11:00am Had lunch at the touristy, Curry at the Wall. If you’ve never had Curry Wurst then it is a must do while in Germany!

11:30am Walked to Check Point Charlie. Saw the Mc Donald’s I ate in immediately after the wall came down in 1989. I remembered sharing a table with young adults who just crossed over and the first thing they wanted was Mc Donald’s.

12:00pm Took the Underground to Ritter Sports Chocolate Store. My favorite chocolate bar in the world! Then looked around the mall next door.

12:30pm Took the underground to East Side Gallery. Took a million photos of the artistry created on the west side of the oppressive wall.

2:00pm Took the S back to our Hostel for a much needed nap. After shoe shopping for Birkenstocks for the girls.

5:00pm Walked down to the river where we had an authentic German Dinner.

7:00pm Walked to and around Alexanderplatz. Did some shopping and got free hats from ING Bank.

9:00pm Walked to the Hofbrau Hause. For large mugs of German Beer and to pretend we visited Bavaria. It’s always fun there, too!

11:00pm Rode a double decker bus to the Brandenburg Gate for a night visit. Then took the bus back to our hostel to get to bed.

3:30am Left for the airport.

Berlin is a wonderful, historical city. We had a really great time and are so happy we made a point to include this in our trip.

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  1. Aunt Jean swears by Birkenstock and their super expensive. The beer looks yummy. Good job Stacey, you all look like your enjoying yourselves.oma

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