Plitvice Lakes National Park

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Plitvice Lakes:
The lakes are a wonderful contrast to the very Mediterranean landscape in Zadar where we landed. The elevation and inland proximity create the perfect environment for the affects of water cascading over limestone rock, releasing magnesium chloride from the movement which solidifies when stagnate. The constant interchange with the environment over time allowed bodies of water to connect their close proximity with beautiful waterfalls that pool in clear blue waters because any sediment quickly solidifies over time from the natural chemical balance and also because no swimming is allowed. Quick side note that the war with Serbia first stated here with the first shots fired including the first casualty, a parks officer.

We were so happy to have hot beautiful weather today as the forecast was for thunderstorms and rain.

Your entrance ticket ($65 for our Family) covers your ticket in, a boat ride to the upper lakes, a boat ride across the upper lake, and a tram ride back down to the lower lake.

It is absolutely stunning here! At almost every turn there is another beautiful waterfall! The entire loop took a little over 5 hours to complete.

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    1. Yes! The kids really wanted to visit there. We were supposed to go to Krka yesterday also but due to the floods we had to cancel.

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