We Survived the Storm

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As we woke up Monday morning in Zadar the rain was starting to come down hard. We had to be out of the apartment by 10:00am and we had to make a decision to leave or see if the rain lightened up.

At 7:00am the lightning was so bad that we lost power and were watching people out the rain struggling to get to work and school. I was texting our new apartment in Split 2 hours away if we could come early due to the weather and they were acting like I was crazy.

At 9:30 am I had found a mall we could go to and we made the decision to head to Split. Steve pulled the car in front of the door and we loaded up and headed out into the storm.

We found ourselves driving through the worst conditions of our lives. The entire time I was praying that we weren’t going to be the American Family washed away to our death. I had just watched the news for Texas and thought who ventures out in a storm! Us that’s who! As the water in the streets flowed towards us like a powerful river, we drove up hill on sidewalks on the opposite side of the road. Trying desperately to reach higher ground and the highway.

An old man in a tiny car thought he could power his tiny car straight up the street. It was tragic to pass him on the sidewalk as his car died and was slowly getting washed away knowing that we had to save ourselves and our children. And there was nothing we could do for him. I’m still shaking writing this and I relive the entire ordeal. A few minutes later an emergency vehicle rushed passed us to his aid.

I kept directing Steve up hills through residential neighborhoods not caring where they took us as long as it was to higher grounds. Terrified about what lies ahead of us. Driving onto whatever we could to get the car engine out of water.

We finally see we are parallel to the Highway above us. We just need to reach the on ramp to safety. The only thing stopping us is the rushing rain that has turned the area next to us into a lake. We can see the other side of the road is now a rushing river we do not want to wiped away into. We sat for a while contemplating if we should cross and the safety of it. We watched vans make it through. Then along comes an Audi just like ours. We decided if the don’t get swept away then we would follow the same path as them. They make it across. So we follow a van across to safety. The entire time I’m praying that God protects us.

As we are departing Zadar we are leaving the rain. We are now basically out driving the weather to Split and the safety of our new apartment.

Here is the news in Zadar:

What Irma! On Monday, Zadar was the most widespread city in the world with 323 mm of rainfall as recorded on the Earth station. Cyclone began to move southward and heavy rainfall expected on Tuesday in the Split area and southern.

Portal Istramet brings the news that Zadar was the most expensive city in the world on Monday . Nor did the rain fall so much in the area of ​​Hurricane Irma in the United States.

Outside our apartment after we left.

Photo I took the morning before of the same area from the other side.

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  1. Oh my God no wonder I couldn’t reach you guys. Are you OK now? I’m so sorry. What a scary birthday present for Skyler. When you can let us know you are all OK. Love Oma

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