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We arrived in Split before the rain. We found parking in a lot by the port. Then found our way into Diocletian’s Palace to our Beautiful apartment. Located inside the front of this ancient Roman Emperors retirement home.

We met Oliver, the olive grower, our landlord at our apartment and gave us a quick 5 minute synopsis of the city geography, history and places to eat. And the cave where Daenerys kept her dragons for any Game of Thrones fans.

We then headed out to explore this a beautiful old town. After the fall of Rome the people turned the palace that once housed 700 servants into a city. Then for a period of history starting in the 1400’s Venice ruled this land. During the early 1800’s until World War I this area was under Austrian rule. So you can see all of these architectural influences throughout the old city.

The rains started to come in hard so we found shelter inside of our apartment. We were never more than a 5 minute walk to it, even at the furthest sights.

We picked up dinner supplies and enjoyed making dinner in our apartment. Then after dinner the rain had slowed down to a drizzle so we went back out for gelato and to enjoy some live music in the peristyle. Steve and the kids found a cute. Croatian nautical bracelet shop, Break Time, that they got bracelets from. Steve got the same bracelet that Jaime Fox purchased (his photo is on the wall). The kids then went back to the apartment while Steve and I enjoyed lounging like Romans on the cushions in the peristyle cafe. Enjoying our wine and listening to the music. We then went and had a drink at the very popular cafe row, that our apartment was on.

The next morning we went and visited the Green Market for supplies. Buying vegetables the old fashioned way, with weights and a scale. The rain started to pick up so we found shelter in the people’s square under an umbrella of a cafe. Where we enjoyed our overpriced cappuccinos and the view of tour groups following guides with bright umbrellas and flags.

After a break in the rain we got Skyler a pair of Birkenstocks for his Birthday. Which were surprisingly cheaper here than the girls were in Germany.

The kids then wanted to climb to the top of the bell tower while Steve and I sat on the Luxor cafe
Cushions having drinks waiting for Diocletian’s noon greeting to his subjects. It then started to rain pretty hard so we went and dropped our stuff off in the apartment.

Then the clouds parted and the beautiful sun came out! We took this as a sign to hike up to a beautiful park that overlooked the old city. Afterwards it was pretty warm so we found the most amazing homemade Gelato at Luka’s. I had the Lavender and it was to die for!!!

We then headed in for a quick nap and to get ready for dinner. Skyler had picked out a fancy restaurant on the Riva. We had a beautiful table along the Riva but the weather started to pick up so we moved into a private corner of the restaurant and Skyler was given a Happy Birthday Mojito. Skyler wanted the Rib Eye instead of sea food as the air in Split smells of sulfur from the minerals in the water, the original reason Diocletian built his retirement home here. Steve and Sierra got Seafood dishes, while Salome and I had the prosciutto wrapped fillet minion. We had wine, a cheese and charcuterie platter, desserts and cappuccinos. Our entire meal was over our typical daily budget but would have been the same price as a Birthday Dinner for two in Napa.

We then enjoyed the band performing on the Riva and watching the people dancing. Skyler had a wonderful 16th birthday in the beautiful Old Palace of an Emperor.

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