Bol, Brač Croatia

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Bol is a beautiful town on the island of Brač. It also happens to be where Steve’s grandfather was born and ancestors resided. It has been a place Steve has always wanted to visit and romantically has visions of living in one day.

It is the home of the most beautiful beach in all of Croatia, Zlatni Rat Beach. This is the beach typically used on the cover of Croatia guide books.

We took a ferry over from Split. For the car and the 5 of us it cost about $50. After arriving in Supetar, Brač we took a quick trip over to Postira. The beautiful costal town Steve’s grandmother was from. We visited the church in hopes of finding more information about her family. In the end we needed more time.

On the way across Brač to Bol we stopped in the small town of Nerežišća to do some wine tasting. We all had a good time and purchased a bottle to take with us. We discovered later that we ate a table decoration! We thought it was a dried fruit put out for us to eat. So we ate the entire bowl!!! The rest of our trip we only saw it in shops sold as a decoration. I later found out they are mostly edible, carob pods. I’m pretty sure the guy thought we were crazy for eating his family decorations!!!!

Upon arriving at our villa in Bol we were awe struck. Our view was breathtaking and the owners amazing!! Everything was thought of and perfect. Steve had found a life long friend in the owner who went above and beyond in helping Steve locate the correct Karmelič family.

Our first night was a town festival. Local families sold dishes of local cuisine for around $5 a plate. There was a band and everyone was dressed up. The teenagers were all dressed as flowers and the adults had group themed outfits on. It was all a lot of fun to be a part of.

The next day was spent at the famous beach. Then we made an amazing dinner of local ingredients in our outdoor kitchen. The view from our table outside was enough to get you to never return home.

The following day we rented a boat and skipper. We traveled out to the islands of Vis and Hvar. We spent time looking at tide pools, swimming, having a drink on the promenade, visiting a fort, and tubing on the Adriatic Sea.

It was a beautiful day. That we finished off with dinner at the most amazing restaurant on the island. Where we had the lamb and a huge platter of meat. The restaurant was in the center of the island so about a half hour drive each way. It was more than worth the drive. One of our favorite meals of the entire trip.

We were so sad to leave Bol but know we will be returning very soon.

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