Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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After the Allied victory of WW II, Yugoslavia was set up as a federation of six republics: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro , Serbia and Slovenia. After a horrific war in the 90’s these six republics became sovereign countries. So many lives were lost determining where lands would be divided. People who’s ancestors are all the same, the only difference between them is the religion they choose to follow.

Twenty four years after this bloody tragic war the only country that still shows the scars that we saw was in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The buildings are still bullet hole ridden and bombed out, the city parks are converted into cemeteries, and the people are still impoverished.

We took a car ferry over from Brač to the mainland. We drove through some of the most breathtaking countryside Croatia has. Then we came to the boarder. Actually google maps took us to an unmanned boarder that we could have easily illegally crossed but we chose to find the correct boarder a few miles down the road.

We made a couple of stops on the way to Mostar. Our first stop was Kravice Falls. This is a small beautiful waterfall that you can swim in. While Sierra and Steve swam in the falls we watched an ” extremely popular” (his people’s words) Norwegian male vocalist make a music video.

We also made a stop at Medjugorie. Where six different women had a sighting of The Virgin Mary. We enjoyed a little resort that we purchased bracelets from, had drinks and Salome made friends with a donkey.

Once we arrived in Mostar we headed out to watch the Red Bull International Cliff Diving Contest from the famous World Heritage Stari Most Bridge.

We then walked around the old town taking in all the sights. It reminded us of Istanbul and all it’s beautiful items.

Our apartment once overlooked a beautiful city park. It now overlooks a cemetery of lost lives all dating 1993. Next door still stands a bombed out ruined home. Most of the homes along the main streets are still riddled with bullet holes.

We went to a beautiful restaurant that overlooked the mini old bridge. It’s a beautiful night with a beautiful view. We got the mixed meat platter and a pitcher of house wine. The kind owner gave us free baklava for dessert. It was a wonderful meal in a beautiful setting. We then strolled the streets, did some shopping and enjoyed a cafe before calling it a night.

The following day we headed out and visited an old medieval cemetery with amazing stone carvings. These dated back to the early 1400’s. I really wish we had brought stone rubbing supplies. They would have made beautiful framed pieces of art.


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