Kotor, Montenegró

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The Bay of Kotor is beautiful and rich in history.

The best part of this beautiful walled city is the fortress built into the rocky mountainside. This is the most amazing fortress anywhere that I have ever visited. It’s an engineering masterpiece. It must have taken years and hard labor to have built this amazing piece of real estate. Both a highly defensible and extremely desirable location in the Mediterranean, armies have been fighting for this area as far back as the Illyrium era in the 4th century. This fortress began to take shape in the latter 1400’s with the Venetians and Ottoman Turks taking turns defending the opposite sides a few times. The Austrians were the last to man the fortress as a defense position after their defeat in World War I. Other world stage events here include the Axis Forces taking control of the area during World War II.

The 1350 steps to the top are well worth the view and the huge ruin castle you can imagine yourself living in during it’s beautiful days. You can climb through old rooms and look down on the town as though you were alive as royalty in 1500.

The town below is safe behind the fortified walls with only 3 gates into the city. We used the main gate along with most every other tour group and tourist.

Once inside the walls of this old town you can see the influence of the Venetians, with their palaces lining the streets. As Montenegro is an Eastern Orthodox state the churches are the first we have seen of this faith.

We enjoyed the local vinters selling their wines outside the gates. We purchased some extremely salty olives and some red wine that is locally made. Everything was affordable and fresh.

I think 2 days here was too much. The plus to staying the night inside the town walls was being able to get up to the fortress before the cruise ship people arrived and the tour groups from Dubrovnik.


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