Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Dubrovnik is a the most visited city in all of Croatia, even before the filming of Game of Thrones and Star Wars. It is a beautiful walled city and a World Heritage Site. It was heavily bombed in the war during the 1990’s. In the photos you can see the bright orange tiles are the homes that had to replace their roofs. It was most of them. Tourism is back in full swing and the buzz is all about the TV show Game of Thrones. We are huge fans and like everyone else can’t help but cry, “Shame! Shame! Shame!” As we descend the church stairs from near our second apartment inside then walls of this ancient city.

Adding a night to the front end of our stay in Dubrovnik was pretty last minute. So we couldn’t get an apartment inside the city walls. I found a fabulous apartment near the main port with the most breath taking view from every window and a private parking spot. Until you go to Dubrovnik you don’t realize how valuable a parking space is. We learned that the hard way. We parked our car to visit the filming site of the, Purple Wedding, and to go down to the beach for a little bit. The ticket we got cost us $100. Our landlord tried to take me down to fight it but it was useless. I even tried again the next day but still no luck.

The beach we went to has no sand or anything you would define as a beach. It’s a rocky cove with a ladder leading you into the Adriatic Sea. People were out swimming and having a wonderful time.

That night we walked to a local pizza parlor for dinner. We got a pizza and another huge mixed meat grill platter.

The next morning I dropped Steve, the kids, and the luggage off at Pile gate while Sierra and I returned the rental car and walked the mile back.

After we checked into our new apartment we walked around the walls of Dubrovnik. This provided us with gorgeous views of the city and the ocean. Many scenes from GOT were film along this wall.

We then headed over to the fort by walking through the bay which were both used in GOT.

It was hard not to think of all the scenes from your favorite TV show while visiting Dubrovnik. A local shared that they were upset that the Mayor is allowing all this filming for free to bring in tourists. They just wrapped up filming the new Robin Hood movie there. If were to visit Dubrovnik last year it would have seemed like a sci fi experience as the entire main Strand was overhauled for the filming of the new Star Wars movie that’s coming out.

When walking by cafes and restaurants all the talk is about GOT and the characters. It is the first TV show in the past 10 years that the entire world is watching at the exact same time. One TV show can bring the entire world together and all be cheering for the same team. Go John Snow!!! Who never got to step foot in Dubrovnik or Kings Landing.

In all honesty I prefer Split to Dubrovnik. I enjoyed the vibe of the locals that actually live in Split and the green market that wasn’t there just for the tourists. Split felt like a real city on the Dalmatian coast where Dubrovnik felt like an amusement park. Like GOT’s land at Universal Studios.


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