Lokrum, Croatia

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We decided to take the ferry from the old port of Dubrovnik to the beautiful Island of Lokrum. Lokrum’s special attraction, a small lake called Mrtvo More (Dead Sea), is a unique lake linked with the sea. Crystal clear and calm, it is suitable for bathing and is a favorite resort for many visitors. Nearby there is a deserted Benedictine monastery, founded in 1023, and later deserted in 1798. The Austrian archduke Maximillian Ferdinand built a luxurious residence on the island in 1859, on the ruins of the old Benedictine monastery.

Salome wanted to be on the first ferry out, so that she could be the first to sit in the original Iron Throne. HBO gave the Throne and an entire GOT museum to the Island of Lokrum as thanks for allowing them to film the early seasons of the show there. We went into the museum first off the ferry. We thought we were too early as all the lights were off. Instead we went and took photos in the Monastery garden where they filmed the scenes in Qarth. we then went back to the Throne and no one was still there. So I asked a waiter at a near by restaurant who informed me that no one works in the museum. So I fumbled around in the dark using my Iphone camera until I found a breaker box and turned on all power to the museum. We had the Throne all to ourselves!! We should have locked the door!!! Shortly after I turned on the lights the people came in droves.

We enjoyed our time on this island that King Richard the Lionheart was shipwrecked on. Just as he did 900 years ago. Promising to return and build a church there. The government at the time requested he build the church in Dubrovnik instead and so he did. That is the church that the Shame stairs take place. The devout Catholics were pretty upset that a naked woman was allowed to film a movie on their holy staircase.

The family enjoyed our hike to the top of the fortress. Swimming in the Ocean and the Dead Sea. Salome and Skyler had a wonderful time trying to catch the wild rabbits that are all over the island. It was a really nice way to spend our last day in Croatia.


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