Singapore Day 1

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Singapore is much more than a stopover destination. Sure you can rush through it in 24 hours and see some of the highlights. To truly enjoy it and take in all the nuisances could take much longer.

After our seventeen and a half hour direct flight we arrived in Singapore. We purchased our 3 day tourist transit passes for $30 SGD, with a $10 SGD refund upon return of the card. This is the best way to go, as it pays for itself after 10 rides.

After dropping off our bags at our hostel and changing our clothes we hit the ground running.

First stop China Town! This is the cleanest Chinatown’s I have ever visited anywhere in the world! I wanted to use the bathrooms here. We had Roasted duck soup at a Hawker center. This is like a food court but one hundred times better. The booths here have perfected the items they sell over generations and some have even earned Michelin stars.

After our lunch we wandered the streets taking in the architecture. It was as though we were on a movie set or a land in Disneyland. None of it seemed real. It was all so perfectly quaint.

We visited the Hindu temple, Sri Mariamman Temple, where we watched a prayer to drums. Then we moved onto Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. This is hands down my favorite Buddhist Temple I have ever visited. It claims to House one of Buddha’s molars. It is beautiful, clean, air conditioned, has multiple elevators, and wonderful museum exhibits. And it’s completely free!!! With free WiFi!!! It’s the little things really that make my day.

Especially durian popsicles. Which we found ourselves enjoying in the cutest durian shop. Before heading to Little India.

Little India is packed with shoppers and I should have waited to have my eyebrows threaded here. $6 SGD vs the $12 USD I spent the day before I left. We first stopped at Tekka Center for another lunch of chicken masala served on a banana leaf. It was crazy spicy!! The two guys from Qatar took pity on my burning mouth and shared their nan bread with me then purchased us some napkins. As we hadn’t figured out that these are .30 each and not free! Then also we’re kind and shared their dessert with us. It was horrible and the 4 of us left half of it to the trash.

We then walked to Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. It happened to be closed and we were getting hot. So we visited some shops along the street. Picking up new iPhone chargers for next to nothing along with some henna ink. This is definitely the place to come shop for all your toiletries, electronics, and snacks. As these were the best prices we found in all of Singapore.

We then walked to Kampong Glam. Where we felt like we just entered the set of Aladdin. We visited the Sultan Mosque and walked around all the trendy cafes.

Afterwards we found ourselves in front of these amazing dual towers and an office building that looked like the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride at Disneyland.

I’m sure by now you are seeing a theme. We truly felt as though we were in a real life Disneyland. Filled with beautiful different lands to explore. At this point in the day we were roasting and needed a rest. So we headed back to our hostel in the Quays that were hosting a weekend long boat rowing competition. Teams from everywhere were camped out awaiting their turn to paddle in the competition.

After our much needed nap we went out for the night. Walking to Merlion Park for the stunning views. We then walked along the harbor to the Marina Sands Bay Hotel. We used it to cut over to Garden’s by the Bay to watch the nightly light show. Now I truly felt like I was in Disneyland. It was a beautiful light show among the giant Avatar like trees, to Christmas music. Afterwards we walked to the Hawker center, Satay by the Bay. Guess what we had? 15 assorted satays, chicken, beef, pork belly, and prawns. And to wash it all down some freshly squeezed sugar cane juice.

It had been a long day, we had walked eleven miles, taken 5 MRT rides, and seen so much of this country in one very long stretch. It was time to say good night to this beautiful land.

Sierra at the airport.

Apparently the entire MRT system wants only I (Stacey) to stand up!

Please notice how clean the street is in Singapore! This is just along a walk way.

Hindu Temple

Inside the Buddhist Temple. Shrine to the year of the Rabbit.

Rooftop of the Temple.

Who doesn’t love a Durian Popsicle! Worst smelling fruit in the world!

Tekka Center.

Where is Aladdin and my magic carpet?

How is this across the street from Arab Street? It’s stunning!

Merlion Park

Gardens by the Bay light show.

Satay by the Bay.

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