Singapore Day 2

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We decided to take a more leisurely approach to our second day in Singapore. We agreed that we would do one outdoor activity and one indoor activity today. The heat and humidity is overwhelming, so walking outside is quite draining.

Our first stop is the Botanical Gardens. This is a beautiful rolling park filled with rain forests, spices, lakes, and tiny critters. If not for the heat, I could see how this could be a beautiful place to spend a romantic encounter enjoying a picnic. The park is carefully designed and laid out. It has the makings of a scene from a romantic movie. From the swans, man made waterfalls, and orchids, you would have to make this a date destination with the love of your life.

The gardens are located very close to the amazing Orchard Road. In Singapore, this is the place to shop. Mall after mall line this street. We start at the most fabulous ION. Right as we walk in we are given free cocktails from the JW Marriott pop up bar. Where we chatted with some lovely woman from Southern California. They have moved to Singapore equipped with MBA’s and degrees from USC, UCLA, and International Universities. To make their mark in Barre Pilates here.

Then we met Pang Yong, a friend I met twice in Myanmar last year, for lunch. He so graciously bought us lunch, filled with an assortment of must try Singaporean dishes. The chicken and rice looked so bland but the rice is cooked in chicken broth, making it so flavorful and delicious. I loved the carrot cake, which isn’t carrot cake at all. Instead it is a yam like vegetable cooked in an egg omelette. It was my favorite! Sierra loved the roasted pork the best! I was happy we could meet up for lunch and visit with him!

Sierra and I then hit the malls. Boring? Not at all!!! We made no purchases but had a full day of window shopping, enjoying a free Nespresso Christmas beverage, and going into stores that looked more like art exhibits. We tried out back and foot massagers. And looked at $3000 winter coats in 95 degree weather!

We then took the MRT to Marina Sands Shops. Where we were given chocolates and a Merlion key chain. We watched people ride on a gondola in an indoor canal through the mall. We visited the largest most beautiful Luis Vuitton Store I have ever seen. It had its own beautiful veranda that we enjoyed to ourselves. The entryway looked like a museum. It makes you feel at home and wanting to spend thousands on a purse. Good thing I have self control and limited space in my backpack for purchased goods.

We enjoyed looking at the Comic Book Cafe and all the high end stores. If I ever return to Singapore I am definitely staying at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel for a night! The discounts and pool would make it so worth the price tag.

At the end of the night we enjoyed a Kopi coffee at Toast Box. A very Singaporean thing to do but we skipped the Kaya Toast as I’m all toasted out from the free breakfast at the hostel.

The Marina Sands puts on an amazing light and water show multiple times each night. Imagine World of Color at Disneyland minus Mickey. Just as the evening shows end our nights at Disneyland, they too ended our night in Singapore.

It was so hot I took off my skirt and was sporting my Nike Pro’s. Don’t judge, lol!

Ion Orchard Mall


Mall or a Museum?

Food sights in the mall. Plus tons of famous chef restaurants.

Wonderful way to end the day.

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