Singapore Days 3 & 4

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We got a late start on our third day. So we missed the lovely hostel breakfast of toast. We traveled to the famous Maxwell Hawker Center in Chinatown for breakfast. Sierra enjoyed a dragonfruit smoothie while I stood inline for our chicken and rice breakfast.

After breakfast we went to Sentosa Island. We paid the $4 each to enter the island. We were sadly disappointed. The man made beaches were unbearably hot and the giant ships in the water did not make jumping into the water seem safe or appealing. We rode the free trams around the island. Looking at what once was a marvelous idea that has deteriorated over time. Sentosa is an amusement island. With a hundred things you could pay to do. The main attraction is Universal Studios. Then there is a luge, zip lining, cable cars, small amusement parks, and many more things you can do. The whole place seemed dated. We kept thinking this would be amazing if owned and ran by Disney. It would be a wonderful resort Island with Disney themes running through it. With much needed misters everywhere!!! We did enjoy the Starbucks and our $9 venti ice tea that looked like a grande back home.

We had to stop at the Mc Donald’s near the MRT station to try the corn ice cream! Of course I also needed some hot fudge!

After a much needed nap we went over to the Gardens By the Bay to enjoy the Christmas Lights Display again. This time laying in the center, looking up at the trees. We met an older British couple who shared with us about their journey to Australia they were returning home from. It was a beautiful night out!

We decided to spend our fourth and final day walking around the old colonial district of Singapore. Where Sir Raffles founded Singapore and the British first set up their colony. I kept feeling like I was in Pirates of the Caribbean At the Worlds End.

We stopped by the Raffles Hotel, Home of the Original Singapore Sling. I couldn’t bring myself to pay $31 to try it! I don’t care if it comes with a barrel of free peanuts! Outside the hotel is the trademark Indian man in full colonial uniform as the Hotel Bellman. I’m positive that this wouldn’t ever be acceptable in the United States but it was fun to feel transported back in time.

As it started to rain we took shelter in a mall connected to three other malls. We enjoyed walking around, having a free nespresso, tasting bizarre cookies at the Museum of Cookies, looking at kitschy eating establishments. We were extremely amused with the overpriced egg cafe! Apparently everyone knows this egg but us!

We wanted our final meal to be spent eating at a famous Hawker Center in Chinatown. To find the best food we looked for the longest lines! We had 2 Michelin award winning soups, and a duck and rice dish.

We shared a table with an older couple who visited San Francisco in 1989. How lucky for them to arrive at the same time as the giant earthquake! They treated us to dessert and we were sad to say goodbye!

After lunch it was time to head to the airport. We stopped by the hostel to grab our bags and head over on the most efficient subway for the last time.

After passing through the most amazing automated immigration system in the entire world, we were treated to cocktail making! In the duty free shopping area we learned to make Mojitos and a new spicy gin and tonic! It was marvelous fun!!!

Terminal 4 is brand new. Only being open for 1 week. Today was the first day that Air Asia flights started departing from this terminal. We were so lucky to get to experience the beautiful brand new terminal!

This building facade at the end of the terminal was a 3D movie screen that came to life. It told a love story between two neighbors. There were chairs everywhere with charging stations so you could sit and watch the story that would pop on every 15 minuets or so. Everyone got a kick out of it!

Enchanted gardens in the airport.

Every airport should have a water refill station! Especially one that you could select hot or cold water. I’m totally thinking cup of soup as an airport snack! This was outside the bathroom Sierra used with a heated toilet and built in bidet!

I don’t want to leave Singapore. And I have decided that any trip to South East Asia must include days spent here!!

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