Malacca (Melaka) Malaysia

Two hours south of Kuala Lumpur is the historic port city of Malacca. Malacca is the heart of Malaysia. Islam started here for the Malays. This is where the winds switch directions every six months. Bringing the Chinese Traders down while carrying the European Traders … Continue readingMalacca (Melaka) Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur

After arriving late in the evening we decided to enjoy our hotel room with hot showers, air conditioning, and a Tom Cruise movie on TV. Starting our next day energized and refreshed. Malaysia is a young country only gaining it’s independence in 1963. We thought … Continue readingKuala Lumpur

Singapore Days 3 & 4

We got a late start on our third day. So we missed the lovely hostel breakfast of toast. We traveled to the famous Maxwell Hawker Center in Chinatown for breakfast. Sierra enjoyed a dragonfruit smoothie while I stood inline for our chicken and rice breakfast. … Continue readingSingapore Days 3 & 4

Singapore Day 2

We decided to take a more leisurely approach to our second day in Singapore. We agreed that we would do one outdoor activity and one indoor activity today. The heat and humidity is overwhelming, so walking outside is quite draining. Our first stop is the … Continue readingSingapore Day 2

Singapore Day 1

Singapore is much more than a stopover destination. Sure you can rush through it in 24 hours and see some of the highlights. To truly enjoy it and take in all the nuisances could take much longer. After our seventeen and a half hour direct … Continue readingSingapore Day 1

Lokrum, Croatia

We decided to take the ferry from the old port of Dubrovnik to the beautiful Island of Lokrum. Lokrum’s special attraction, a small lake called Mrtvo More (Dead Sea), is a unique lake linked with the sea. Crystal clear and calm, it is suitable for … Continue readingLokrum, Croatia

Kotor, Montenegró

The Bay of Kotor is beautiful and rich in history. The best part of this beautiful walled city is the fortress built into the rocky mountainside. This is the most amazing fortress anywhere that I have ever visited. It’s an engineering masterpiece. It must have … Continue readingKotor, Montenegró