Phuket, Thailand

After dropping off the rental car in Korat and driving back to Bangkok with my dad I decided to book airline tickets to Phuket. So my dad dropped us off at the airport on his way home. At the airport we met some awesome people … Continue readingPhuket, Thailand

I’m Official!

It’s finally happening!!! Sierra and I got up and grabbed my grandmother from her house. We headed down to the province government offices to meet my lawyer and the village headman. The lawyer met with the head of the providence and gave me our blue … Continue readingI’m Official!

Back in Bangkok

Today we are leaving Vietnam to go back to Thailand. It’s bittersweet. I have come to enjoy so much of Vietnam, the people, the landscape, the food, the climate. But it isn’t Thailand. Speaking a little bit of the language helps a lot. More than … Continue readingBack in Bangkok