Lokrum, Croatia

We decided to take the ferry from the old port of Dubrovnik to the beautiful Island of Lokrum. Lokrum’s special attraction, a small lake called Mrtvo More (Dead Sea), is a unique lake linked with the sea. Crystal clear and calm, it is suitable for … Continue readingLokrum, Croatia

Kotor, Montenegró

The Bay of Kotor is beautiful and rich in history. The best part of this beautiful walled city is the fortress built into the rocky mountainside. This is the most amazing fortress anywhere that I have ever visited. It’s an engineering masterpiece. It must have … Continue readingKotor, Montenegró


We arrived in Split before the rain. We found parking in a lot by the port. Then found our way into Diocletian’s Palace to our Beautiful apartment. Located inside the front of this ancient Roman Emperors retirement home. We met Oliver, the olive grower, our … Continue readingSplit


After leaving Plitvice Lakes we drove to Zadar. Our apartment landlord met us outside standing in a parking spot they were saving for us. They were so kind. The mother poured us Croatian beer that we all toasted too. Our apartment was in the most … Continue readingZadar

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes: The lakes are a wonderful contrast to the very Mediterranean landscape in Zadar where we landed. The elevation and inland proximity create the perfect environment for the affects of water cascading over limestone rock, releasing magnesium chloride from the movement which solidifies when … Continue readingPlitvice Lakes National Park