Yesterday we got up early and took the train to Versailles. We got the 30 minutes prior to opening so we were in the front of the most massive line ever! While waiting in line I asked a man who worked there about the different … Continue readingVersailles

Paris Old and New

Today we started our day at the Archeological Crypt. This is an underground Roman town they discovered in 1965. The town of Lutetia that existed during 27BC to 14AD. It was really interesting and 99% of people don’t go down in front of Notre Dame … Continue readingParis Old and New

Luxembourg Garden

Travel days seem to take a lot out of us. Waking up early, getting to the airport, figuring out how to get from the airport to where we are staying, familiarizing ourselves to a new city and its transportation system. This first day we are … Continue readingLuxembourg Garden