28 Hours in Berlin

After arriving at 2200 we took the TXL bus to our Hostel. It was super easy, affordable and dropped us off practically at the front door! We stayed right next to Alexanderplatz and the TV Tower. What once was Eastern Germany. We checked in and … Continue reading28 Hours in Berlin


After we checked out of our Hostel in Cochem we drove down the Mosel to Trier. We parked our car in a Central Park House to go and explore this ancient Roman city in Germany. First we walked to the sight of the Roman Baths … Continue readingTrier


Today was a rainy day. We didn’t want to hike up to the castle in the rain. We tried walking around the shops but they were all full of junk. So we decided to go to the indoor swim complex. This is the same swim … Continue readingCochem

Hahn AFB, today

After we checked into our Hostel in Cochem we headed off to visit my old high school. After getting really lost. Twenty three years is a long time to remember directions. We found the eerie abandoned remains of Hahn AFB. Ryan Air runs a cheap … Continue readingHahn AFB, today

Burg Eltz

We were conflicted this morning. There was a huge festival at the fortress today. With bands, clowns, acrobats, performers, and booths. It was costly to get in and to park. We were already parked and inside the fortress. It would make sense to just stay … Continue readingBurg Eltz


Today we wanted to have a fun relaxing day off. So the German man (Thomas) and his two kids brought us to an indoor swim complex 30 km from the castle. The kids are having a blast on the water slides and in the multiple … Continue readingRhinewell

Mainz and Bacarach

Today we got up at drove to Mainz to see the Guttenburg Museum. The kids got to see the press that the first printed bible was done on. And some of his printed Bibles. The learned about how this changed reading and religion forever. It … Continue readingMainz and Bacarach


Today we got up at walked the wall of the city. You could climb the towers and go into the gun powder storage towers. It was fun for the first half mile. Then it was just walking around a wall and we were hungry. So … Continue readingRothenburg