We decided to take the 50 minute bus over the 30 minute train to Toledo today. For 9.62€ you get a round trip bus ride vs 22€ for a round trip train ride. The savings outweighed 40 minutes of our life. Getting to the bus … Continue readingToledo

Museum of Ham

This is where we had dinner tonight. We had, ham, ham, and more ham. Plus some cheese, bread, melons, and a pitcher of Sangria for me. I shared some with the lady at the table next to me. An entire pitcher was a little too … Continue readingMuseum of Ham

Sticky Fingers

After the park we went to the Reina Sofía museum. It was free and we had an hour before our ticket pick up time for the bull fight. So we ran in to hit some major works. On the way out we all used the … Continue readingSticky Fingers


Today was a wash. After some flight difficulties we arrived in Madrid. I purchased our metro passes and we set out to find our hostel. After finally stumbling upon it and checking in we were starved. We found a local tapas bar that was packed … Continue readingMadrid