We have one and a half days in Stockholm. It is clean, beautiful, sunny, and extremely expensive. I didn’t know that everything closes early on Saturday and Sunday so not the two best days to visit. After we got settled into our cute cave like … Continue readingStockholm

Naples & Pompeii

Today was another early start for us as we had to catch the train to Naples. Then we traveled onto Pompeii. Pompeii is huge. Imagine if your entire city was buried for thousands of years then uncovered. Only a portion has been dug up. There … Continue readingNaples & Pompeii


We woke super early to catch the train to Florence today. It was a fast comfortable ride from city center to city center. All of Florence is within walking distance from the train station. So we walked to the Academia stopping to purchase our Dumo … Continue readingFlorence


After arriving in Izmir at 9:30pm we hiked to the international terminal to locate our rental car company. The rental car guy was the kindest guy ever. He even loaned me his personal car charger for my phone. We entered our address into Google Maps … Continue readingEphesus

Istanbul day 1

Getting on the flight to Istanbul from Amsterdam was extremely uncomfortable for me. Guys that normal send my situational awareness alarms off were everywhere on this flight. I figured they aren’t out to kill a plane full of Muslims just to take out two Americans. … Continue readingIstanbul day 1

Amsterdam Day 1

After arriving into Amsterdam airport we caught the train into Central Amsterdam. From the train station we walk about 15 minutes to our hotel. We are sleeping on a little ship in the harbor. After getting settled in we have a cup of tea and … Continue readingAmsterdam Day 1

Back in Bangkok

Today we are leaving Vietnam to go back to Thailand. It’s bittersweet. I have come to enjoy so much of Vietnam, the people, the landscape, the food, the climate. But it isn’t Thailand. Speaking a little bit of the language helps a lot. More than … Continue readingBack in Bangkok

Hanoi, Vietnam

We flew from De Nang, Vietnam up to Hanoi yesterday. Our driver was there waiting with our name at the airport. I have discovered this is an amazing service and plan on always having a driver pick us up from the airport. Honestly it is … Continue readingHanoi, Vietnam