Jerusalem Day 5

Happy Easter! We woke up super early to walk to the Garden Tomb for Easter Sunrise Service. Apparently not early enough as we had a side, back corner seat. The garden is beautiful and the worship was delightful. The sermon was a tad bit generic … Continue readingJerusalem Day 5

Jerusalem Day 4

The Dead Sea It was a dreary rainy day but being Shebat it was the only day we had set aside to visit the Dead Sea. So we had breakfast and headed out. First stop Qumran. The hillside cave where The Dead Sea Scrolls were … Continue readingJerusalem Day 4

Jerusalem Day 2

It’s wonderful that our Hostel provides breakfast starting at 6:45 am. We have 8:00 am Western Wall Tunnel Tour tickets that we are rushing to. We arrived 3 minutes late and they were already well into the tour. It was nice booking the first tour … Continue readingJerusalem Day 2

Jerusalem Day 1

After checking into our Hostel and dealing with the issue of having 2 reservations (apparently the person on the phone who was supposed to cancel the first one didn’t) and the issue that Sierra wasn’t 18. Never an issue before (they turn our hostel into … Continue readingJerusalem Day 1