Istanbul day 1

Getting on the flight to Istanbul from Amsterdam was extremely uncomfortable for me. Guys that normal send my situational awareness alarms off were everywhere on this flight. I figured they aren’t out to kill a plane full of Muslims just to take out two Americans. … Continue readingIstanbul day 1

Cambodia to Vietnam

On Wednesday we woke up and checked out of our guest house. Sierra is happy to be leaving and I’m a little sad. I enjoyed the island lifestyle and I was growing attached to this small community of travelers. Sierra enjoys larger islands where you … Continue readingCambodia to Vietnam

We’re Here!

After a 24 hour journey from our house to San Francisco to Seoul to Bangkok. My dad picked us up from the airport and drove us to his house. Without Salome to guide my dad we once again missed our exit out of the roundabout … Continue readingWe’re Here!

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I never thought I would say I’m happy that our flight is delayed. Skyler was flagged and detained at the security checkpoint. He apparently had bomb material residue on his hands. Skyler thinks that it was from embedded metal particles from shop class in his … Continue readingLeaving on a Jet Plane